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ГлавнаяПеречень ПродуктовБатарея Одежды С Обогревом12В Нагрел батарею курткиLow Voltage Heated Blanket Battery 11v 5.2Ah (AC603)
  • Low Voltage Heated Blanket Battery 11v 5.2Ah (AC603)
  • Low Voltage Heated Blanket Battery 11v 5.2Ah (AC603)
  • Low Voltage Heated Blanket Battery 11v 5.2Ah (AC603)
  • Low Voltage Heated Blanket Battery 11v 5.2Ah (AC603)
  • Low Voltage Heated Blanket Battery 11v 5.2Ah (AC603)

Low Voltage Heated Blanket Battery 11v 5.2Ah (AC603)

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Базовая информация

Модель: AC603CC-11V5200

Тип: Литиевая батарейка

Тип зарядного устройства: Электрическое зарядное устройство

Номинальное напряжение: Другие

Стиль зарядного устройства: Другие

сертификация: RoHS, CE

Recyclable: Recyclable

Additional Info

транспорт: Ocean,Air

Место происхождения: China

Код ТН ВЭД: 85076000

Порт: Shenzhen,Hongkong

Описание продукта

The AC603CC-11V5200 is 11.1v 5200mAh version of AC603 li ion rechargeable battery pack made of 6pcs Samsung 18650 battery, LG 18650 battery, Panasonic 18650 battery or other optional 18650 battery, The AC601PC battery can work as a portable charger for mobile electronics or for heated clothing and heated blanket purpose. The AC603 CC version battery is a 11.1v li ion battery pack, perfect for heated clothing like Mobile Warming Men's Dual Power Heated Black 12v Jacket which has its own silicon pushbutton heat controller. In the meanwhile, the AC603 battery works as an portable power bank as well to charge your smart phones and other USB gears. Application: concrete heating blankets, safest electric blanket, electric blanket wattage, heated sherpa throw,small heated blanket and other 12v heated wears.

Battery ID: AC603PC-11V5200
Cell inside: 6pcs li ion 18650 battery
Dimension: 25*95*120mm
Capacity: 11.1v 5200mAh
Input: 12.6v 5A max
Output: 12.6v~9V 5A max, constant DC output, no adjustable level. To get adjustable output levels please use with our T21sicpu silicon pushbutton heat controller.
USB Output: 5.1V 2A for charging all USB gears.
Input/Ouput Terminal: 5.5*2.5mm coax type, 5.5*2.1mm, 3.5*1.35mm,
or designated connector in extension cable.
Weight: 351g
Function Code: CC (PC version also available, Pulse DC output with adjustable output settings.)

Typical cells option:

Sanyo UR18650FM 2500/2600mAh

Sanyo UR18650ZY 2450/2550mAh

Samsung ICR18650-26FM

Samsung ICR18650-26H

Samsung ICR18650-26J (newest version to replace 26F and 26H),

LG ICR18650B4

The AC603 battery is designed for motorcycle heated clothing application with larger size and bigger capacity. It is perfect for higher power drain heated clothing like those for motorcycle riders. It is also idea back up battery for light 7v/12V heated clothing when user stay in one place not in moving and need keep warming up.

The AC603 battery LED screen can be made to reflect the battery fuel level status by display number 0~9, 0=empty, 9=full.
The AC603 battery can be made to have different output mode: Constant DC type, Pulse DC type (adjustable pulse settings), or two both. Asarke Heated Clothing Battery is using Pulse-Width Modulation(PWM) or Pulse-Duration Modulation (PDM) technology which able to control/adjust the output power rate thus achieve desirable heat level in heater. Pulsed DC (PDC) or pulsating direct current is a periodic current which changes in value but never changes direction, pulsating direct current is used on PWM controllers.
The AC603 battery also could works as an POWER BANK, PORTABLE CHARGER for all USB gears, smart phones and iphones. With a 12.6v 5A/8A AC/DC charger the AC601 battery could recharge back almost full in about single one hour time, really saves a lot chargingtime compared with market's standard power bank which need 10-20 hours.
Typical Capacity Option:
11.1v 4400mAh/5200mAh/6400mAh/6800mAh
7.4v 6600mAh/7800mAh/9600mAh/10200mAh

Asarke Heated Clothing Battery Type

AC613 battery design

AC603 heated clothing battery design.

AC613 fast charging power bank heated jacket battery

super fast recharging power bank

The highest recharging rate on standard power bank is 9V*2A=18W
This Ac603 gets 12.6v*5A=63W, 3 times more then those highest speed.
The normal recharging rate on standard power bank is merely 5V*1A=5W,
Wasting too much time waiting the power bank recharge back itself.


AD601 battery is even bigger battery same function as AC601,
AD601 has 11v 10Ah capacity, equal with an 30Ah power bank.
Good for electric blanket for car, heated blanket queen, battery operated blanket, king electric blanket,
battery powered heated blanket, heated dog blanket, 12v heated blanket,
battery blanket, twin heated blanket, battery powered electric blanket

5A charger 8A charger fast charger

8.4v 5A, 8.4v 8A, 12.6V 5A, 12.6V 8A, 16.8v 5A, 16.8V 8A AC/DC lithium ion battery charger. CB/UL/CE/FCC certificated.

NC battery display intro

AC603 battery LED screen display introduction.

wireless pairing 3

Pairing the remoter with battery.

For AC603 CC version (constant DC output, no adjustable output settings)
to get the adjustable output settings, users can use our external heat controller.
We have silicon pushbutton heat controller T21sicpu,
12v 5A two way heat controller L8W2,
12V 16A single way heat controller L8W1,
12V 16A two way heat controller L16W2.

T21sicpu silicon pushbutton heat controller

The silicon button heat controller allow user operates the heating gears very easily.
Our T21sicpu silicon heat controller works for 7v/12/15v heating gears, it takes power from an external battery pack
or from motorcycle/vehicle battery, or even from an AC/DC power supply when user stay indoor.
Our T21sicpu silicon heat controller works for all our most batteries except those PC (Pulse output only) types.

L8 12V16A Heat Controller

12V 16A single way heat controller L8W1, idea for heated jacket, motorcycle heated clothing, portable heated blanket.

L8 12V5A 2W heat controller

12v 5A two way heat controller L8W2, good for motorcycle heated gloves.

L16 two way heat controller

12V 16A two way heat controller L16W2. Idea for motorcycle heated clothings, heated pants, heated jacket, heated sleepers.

ac801 box

Packaged in the same size box as the AC801 battery.

Asarke Heated Clothing Batteries

We make li ion battery packs for all heated wears in all size option, search (model number) to find more information in our site.

battery powered heated blanket camping Rechargeable Batteries AC603electric thermal blanket Power Bank AC603 heated travel throw Lithium Ion Battery AC603

korean electric blanket Lithium Battery AC603 where can i buy a heated blanket Battery Pack AC603

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